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Faliraki Workers Guide

Faliraki Workers Guide

Ever thought about working abroad?  Been on holiday to Faliraki and loved it so much you want to go back and work there?  This is the guide to working in Faliraki including information on finding a job, accommodation and getting cheap workers flights and insurance.

This guide will talk you through what you need to work in Faliraki, with everything from what to take for the season to paying taxes and types of jobs available.  One of the privileges of being an EU national is that you are free to work and live in any EU member state for an unlimited period of time, this includes Faliraki in Rhodes.

Firstly its recommended that you book a hotel or holiday for the first 1 or 2 weeks so you have somewhere to stay when you get into Faliraki. This will help you find your feet and look for a job and permanent accommodation for the rest of the 2011 season.  We have included a few apartments that workers have recommended over the years as being good for workers with the staff being knowledgeable about the area and places to stay for the season.

Working in Faliraki

There are plenty of jobs in Faliraki in Rhodes. Its best to get into resort early as it means you can get the pick of the best jobs.  The jobs in Faliraki range from flyering to getting resident DJ.  Below we have a basic breakdown of each job.

The easiest job to get is being a PR or Kamaki , this involves getting tourists into your bar, its one of the easiest jobs to get on bar street in Faliraki but you need to be able to speak to people and not be shy.  Starting work at 10PM and working through till 3-4AM you get paid approximately 25-30 euros per night.  You will usually get to drink for free at your bar.
Another job in Faliraki that's getting more and more popular is selling tickets and flyering for certain events.  There are always huge events going on throughout the season with big name DJs coming to the likes of BED and Q-Club.  You get paid on commission for ticket selling and usually a flat rate for flyering.  The better seller you are the more money you can earn.

Next job you can get in bar work, although this is a lot harder to get in many places and you must have experience, you will usually get a trial night or two just to see if you know what you are doing.  The Greeks like to employ more female barmaids as most local barman are obviously male.  You can get slightly more money in bar work but it depends on bar to bar so expect 30 euros per night unless you get told otherwise.

For those who want day work you could also try waitressing which can be a nice little earner, especially if you get tips.  Many restaurants in Faliraki require waiters and waitresses and average pay is again 30 euros with possibility of tip money.

For those that want an amazing tan trying beach work which involves selling sunbeds on the beach, getting people onto your beach and getting them to buy drinks and making sure they come back.  You have to be very good with people and have a decent beach body.  Long work usually starting at 8/9AM until 6/7PM but decent money the longer you work on the beach.

One of the most sought after jobs and hardest jobs to get in Faliraki is being a DJ or MC, you have to know your stuff here and be prepared to go for trial nights and have a good collection of up to date music that reflects what the people of Faliraki want to hear.  Most clubs have resident Greek DJs but they are always looking for a second or an MC to get the crowd going.  Pay is roughly 30-40 euros depending on which bar or club you work for.

If you want extra money you could also try your hand at being a transfer rep, this involves taking people from the airport on departure and arrival day, and involves going to Rhodes airport.  You can work for the likes of Olympic and Libra Holidays who usually employ transfer reps with a wage of 30 euros per return trip to Rhodes airport. This can work out as a good income, but remember you wont get the benefit of drinking for free as you work like you would being a PR or bar worker.

The best way to get these jobs is to be prepared, if your a DJ make sure you take your collection of music and don’t rely on what the club may have, if you've done bar work before you will need to be confident in working behind a Greek bar which is completely different than a bar in the UK, if you want to be a PR, transfer rep or work on the beach you cant be shy, you have to be forward and be able to talk to everyone.

Working legally and paying taxes

If you intend to stay in Faliraki for over 3 months you should apply for a work permit.  This permit can be obtained from Rhodes Town and usually your employer will help you with the details.  You will normally need 4 passport sized photographs and proof of health insurance (your EHIC card will do)  

The process takes about 4 to 6 weeks so if your employer wants to you work legally he will make sure you this is done at the start of the season.  Your employer may also want you to pay IKA (Greek national insurance), a few more forms and you will get a slightly higher wage and some of this is taxed.

The IKA system runs better than our national insurance system, and if you work seasonally you collect IKA stamps and after 2 years of working you will be able to claim IKA in the winter,  This is normally around 320 euros monthly over the winter months.  The IKA system is great for long term workers who want to work legally in Faliraki.  There are still many bars who will not not do this but don’t worry if you are caught working illegally (which is rare as the bar owners keep a look out) the bar owner would pay the fine for you as its their fault.


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