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Lindos Holiday Guide

Lindos in RhodesLindos is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Rhodes and the destination for 73 percent of the tourists visiting the island.  The village of Lindos has absolutely everything you need in one resort, from the beautiful beaches, winding alleyways and streets filled with Taverna's, cafes and bars. Moving up the hill that shadows the village you have the Acropolis of Lindos, which sits about 380ft up and has some amazing medieval architecture, including a massive castle and tombs.

Lindos can be found on the east coast of Rhodes just 47km from the main capital of Rhodes Town, due to the hill that the village is built around the area is one of the hottest in Rhodes due to a lack of wind that falls against the hill of Lindos.

Lindos is the perfect destination for couples, singles and families but be prepared to spend a bit of money as the shops and bars in this area are quite upmarket.  The guide to Lindos is below and includes some pictures and a video of the village.

Lindos Daytime

Most people tend to choose Lindos due to its lovely sandy beaches, and Lindos has two different beaches.  You will find
Pallas beach to the north of the village which sits in a deep cove within Lindos bay.

To the south of Lindos village you will find
St Paul's bay, which is mainly a sand and pebble beach, its surrounded by high rocks and hills within a cove but once you get to the beach its well worth staying all day.  Both the beaches have an abundance of watersports, umbrellas and sunbeds to hire on a daily basis and there are plenty of small beach bars to keep you refreshed and cool all day long.  St Paul's bay is a popular place for weddings and these can be arranged locally with a few different travel agents for around 1000 euros.

Lindos is also one of the few places you can find naturist beaches and the beach sits about 2km down from St Paul's beach, you can normally catch a boat there or take a brisk walk.

If you have spent enough time on the beach and are looking for something different then you can take a donkey ride or walk to the top of the hill and see the amazing sight of the Acropolis of Lindos.  Here you will find the ruins of the temple Athina Lindia, also a fortress that was built to prevent the invading Turks. The Acropolis is a main draw for many people visiting Lindos, your kids will love it and you can take some amazing photographs from the top over the bay of Lindos.

Also you can venture in to see Tharri monastery which is enclosed with a Pine forest, you will find the monastery covered in painted 14th century frescoes, the monastery sits just 11km from the village of Lindos.

Shopping in Lindos

The narrow and winding streets and alleys are closed to traffic so you can relax and wander around the village at your leisure.  The shops here can be quite expensive but the merchandise is amazingly good value, look out for ceramics and hand woven rugs and carpets and also some excellent hand crafted lace.  One place you should visit when walking through the enclosed alleys of Lindos is Doctor Feet; a small shop offering the services of those fish that clean your feet.  Last time we went it was 10 euros for 15 minutes.

There are many souvenir shops each with varying prices so it does pay to shop around.  There is a wonderful art gallery you must visit and all the paintings are for sale and these is some magnificent local artwork. if you've chosen self catering then there are plenty of supermarkets at the top of Lindos near all the main hotels to keep you going with well priced groceries.

Where to eat in Lindos

As you come into the main square of Lindos, where the taxi rank is you will find a large viewing balcony where you can look over the bay and up towards the Acropolis.  This square has a few restaurants and Tavernas and some are more popular than others so you may have to wait for a table if you want to eat here.  Some places to eat that we have personally tried that we would recommend are Dimitris Taverna which is in the square, Amfithea Taverna which has a lovely balcony seat, although the wait can be very long.   Try also Ambrosia restaurant and Archontilco restaurant.  

As you walk into the alleyways of Lindos you will find a lot of roof gardens and restaurants, and its always best to look at the menu and try and price your potential meal rather than be harried by the PR’s.

Lindos Nightlife

After you have had a nice meal then get out and enjoy the many upmarket bars that lie within the alleys of Lindos, they are all over the place but normally have PR’s to show you the way.  
Yannis bar was a popular choice and the drinks weren't that expensive.  Another popular bar was Ikon bar and Ekleton bar.  Also Pals bar in the main alleyways seems to be a popular choice for tourists from all over Europe.

For clubbing the head towards Pallas beach you will find two main open air clubs which play long into the night, they are called Acropolis and Nama.  Also try Amphitheatre which sits on the crest of Lindos hill.  Matching the prices of most things in the village drinks can be more expensive than the UK but you do get what you pay for and the atmosphere is electric and very safe.  The clubs normally charge entry fees which can be anything from 15 euros upwards and if you have started in the centre of Lindos then it can be a long walk to the Amphitheatre club so look out for their free buses they put on regularly to get up there.

If your thinking of going clubbing in Lindos and you are staying in another resort, make sure you go on a weekend as these are the busiest days so you wont be disappointed.


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