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Holidays to Rhodes provides travel guides to the main resorts you can holiday on the island of Rhodes.  The island has many different faces, with amazing medieval architecture, from the Acropolis of Lindos through to the ruins and hilltop fortresses that protected the islanders from Pirates and the Turk invaders of history through to the bustling beaches of with hectic nightlife in the likes of Faliraki.

The main centre point of the island is Rhodes town, with its 3 large ports and medieval castle and walls covered in lush vegetation.   Rhodes town is perfect for history lovers and shoppers alike with so much to see and do.  Foreign tourists are treated with various cheap flights to India, Australia, Japan, even to the USA by local travel agencies all over Rhodes for their return flights.

The island of Rhodes itself is the largest of the Dodecanese islands, with a population of over 100,000 people the island covers  1398 square metres of rolling hillsides and lush forests.


Rhodes Travel Guides

Afandou Guide Agia Fota Guide


Sitting just 5 km from Faliraki this village resort is one of the oldest in Rhodes.  With a huge beach stretching for over 3km its a very popular holiday choice.

Faliraki Guide Agia Fota Guide

The once hectic party resort of Rhodes still attracts the youth market but its much more civilised and still a great resort for clubbing and enjoying its many sandy beaches.

Ixia Guide Agia Fota Guide

A popular holiday resort just a stones throw away from the airport.  Has some great places to windsurf and enjoy the more rugged side of Rhodes.

Kamiros Guide Agia Fota Guide

Kamiros     coming soon!
Not really a popular tourist beach destination but a village of great interest to archaeology and history lovers.  A great village to experience the real side of Rhodes.

Kalathos Guide Agia Fota Guide

A small village which has kept its traditional feel but is still popular with tourists looking to take a relaxing beach holiday in Rhodes.

Kalithea Guide Agia Fota Guide

A wonderful little resort with some amazing architecture including Italian baths that have been lovingly restored to their former glory.

Kiotari Guide Agia Fota Guide

A great family and couples holiday resort famous for its great shopping, cafes and beaches.  This is a popular choice for a relaxing family holiday.

Ladiko Guide Agia Fota Guide

A tiny hamlet in Rhodes that's surrounded by olive groves and pine trees.  This is one of the most picturesque holiday resorts in Rhodes.

Lindos Guide

The most popular resort on the whole island.  With some of the finest Taverna’s and clubs to visit and sitting at the bottom of Lindos Acropolis this resort is a must!

Lardos Guide Agia Fota Guide

A nice quiet holiday resort where you can get away from it all.  With some of the finest sandy beaches in Rhodes its another very popular choice.

Agia Fota Guide Pefkos Guide Agia Fota Guide

Just a round the corner from Lindos, you can enjoy everything Lindos has to offer but at a fraction of the holiday cost.  With some quieter beaches and lovely hotels.

Afandou Guide Agia Fota Guide

Rhodes Town
The capital of Rhodes and the place to visit for the maximum amount of culture, shopping and places to eat and drink.  A wonderful town full of historic buildings and sights.

Trianda Guide Agia Fota Guide

Sitting close to Rhodes town and Ixia its a wonderful resort with some nice quiet beaches and a scattering of shops and restaurants.

Salakos Guide Agia Fota Guide

Salakos   coming soon!
A lovely resort with some amazing features.  With fresh spring waters and copious amounts of fig and olive trees.  The resort of Salakos has become very popular of late.

Beaches of Rhodes Agia Fota Guide

Beaches of Rhodes
Find the most popular and highly rated and reviewed beaches of Rhodes.  Make this your guide to finding the best holiday resorts with the most popular beaches.

Lindos and Rhodes Acropolis Agia Fota Guide

Lindos and Rhodes Acropolis
What most people visit the island for.  The Acropolis at both Rhodes Town and Lindos have stood the test of time and offer a view back into ancient Greece.

Agia Fota Guide Rodini Park Agia Fota Guide

Rodini Park
Visit Rodini Park in Rhodes for a fantastic day out in the shade of the pine forest.  Take the family and a picnic and explore the nature reserve from Roman times.

Ancient Ialysos

Ancient Ialysos    coming soon!
An ancient site dating back to 5th and 6th century AD.  With some great buildings and places to explore we strongly recommended visiting here if your into Greek history.

Seven Springs Agia Fota Guide

Seven Springs
Explore the nature park and see the beautiful flora and fauna of Rhodes.  The place has some amazing natural springs and its a very relaxing place to visit.

Tsambika Monastery Agia Fota Guide

Tsambika Monastery
A very famous monastery in Rhodes, its a bit of a climb but well worth the walk for the fantastic views over the area and rugged coastline.

Agia Fota Guide

Valley of the Butterflies
If you have got kids they will be captivated by the valley of the Butterflies which lives up to its name and attracts millions of them every year.

The Colossus Agia Fota Guide

The Colossus
This is what put Rhodes on the map, no longer overlooking the harbour of Rhodes but it was once one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

The Colossus

Cruise to Rhodes
Instead of a beach holiday try taking a luxury cruise to Rhodes and visit the most popular sights on day trip excursions with English speaking guides.

Agia Fota Guide
The Colossus

Scuba dive in Rhodes
Our guide to going scuba diving in Rhodes with the most popular places to dive and the best company to choose if your new to diving in Greece.

Agia Fota Guide

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