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Valley of Butterflies Sightseeing Guide

About 27km from Rhodes town you will come to the valley of the Butterflies, you can take an excursion here or even hire a car and follow the road signs to this amazing area.  About 5km south east of the village of Tholos lies this amazing area.

The butterflies are most active here during the months of August and there's literally thousands of them.  The species of Butterfly is Quadripunctaria Poda or the Callimorpha Butterfly.  They are attracted her by the resin in the Storax trees and as they fly you just see clouds of flickering red, white, yellow and browns.

During the wet or rainy season, the Butterflies are still in their caterpillar stage feeding on the foliage and brush of Rhodes. Towards the end of May, the caterpillars will cocoon and start to form into the wonderful Kalimorfa Butterfly.  After much travelling they arrive into the valley of the Butterflies and remain here until their eggs are laid and then they flutter away and die.

There is a little more below about the valley of the Butterflies, including some pictures and a video.

Valley of Butterflies - General Information

This lush green area with stunning waterfalls and cypress pine forest is a draw for many creatures, and it hosts an abundance of flora and fauna some unique to the island of Rhodes.  The area is perfect for filming and photographs but when filming and watching the Butterflies its important NOT to disturb then, clapping and waving to make the butterflies scared and fly is strictly prohibited.

The reason for this is that Butterflies have no stomach and do not feed once they are fully formed, they live only to mate and lay eggs then they die.  Due to the increased tourism this area has now seen and people trying to make the Butterflies fly by clapping and shouting has caused a dramatic drop in the Butterfly population.  If it continues like this its for sure that the valley will be closed to the public, but for now definitely go and see this amazing sight and photograph the Butterflies, but do take care not to scare them or make them fly by loud noises.

Within the valley and forest you will find a lovely little Taverna's serving up some great lunches and snacks and also cold drinks and refreshments.  Most people when visiting the Valley of the Butterflies bring their own picnic which is allowed as long as you tidy up after.  A picnic in this lush environment with the splashing streams and waterfalls is brilliant and in complete contract to the scorched and parched sands and hills of Rhodes itself.

The video to the right gives a great insight into the valley of the Butterflies and is well worth a look.



Valley of Butterflies - Rhodes Valley of Butterflies - Rhodes Callimorpha Butterfly in Valley of Butterflies - Rhodes Valley of Butterflies - Rhodes